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By the time self-designated professionals met at Lake Placid in 1899 to promote the new field of home economics, housewifery stood in low repute for its "inefficiency" and the amateurism of most of its practitioners.
If housewifery really turned them on then Aggie Mackenzie and Kim Woodburn from TV's How Clean Is Your House?
Instead of general housewifery,it's badges in web-design and robot building that will be adorning the blue uniforms.
I left school in Birmingham in July 1946 and went as a student to Hillhampton House in September 1946, on a year's course studying cookery, housewifery, sewing, French and music.
It is interesting, if disheartening, to compare the bustling independence and interdependence of Anne Hughes' housewifery to the US middleclass housewife's life in the 1960s or 1970s found in "Carol's Cooking Stinks Cook Book, Also a Diary as We Go On.
Significantly, this gaze comes just as Dinah is acquainting herself with the domestic tools of housewifery, for she has come to Adam's house (and thus encountered him) in order to help the mourning Lisbeth Bede.
2) Unpaid housewifery and mothering within marriage were at least accorded a high social status, female factory work attracted far less moral scrutiny and even prostitution was considerably more lucrative than being a harassed 'domestic.
Up until recently I was aware of the intelligence but unwilling to attach it to specific manifestations: to her speech and silences; to her unheralded and alarming explosions of activity, at first in service of an ideal of housewifery that seemed compulsive to the point of insanity, later in reaction to the executive careers she attempted and then, cataclysmically, abandoned.
2 equal to]Class XIII Total 398 80 100 Maternal occupation Housewifery 279 34 91.
Whereas parents privately contracted with masters for craft apprenticeships, which required that youths be given an education and taught a trade, poor children under court-ordered apprenticeships did not necessarily get an education and could be assigned to such "trades" as housewifery, which might qualify poor girls to become house servants.
Suddenly, spurred by pesky maternal guilt hormones, housewifery started to look an attractive proposition.
Levi Countryman, listing his wife's practical virtues in housewifery, contrasts with the eastern middle- and upper-class men, who focused more on qualities such as "piety, obedience, good humor, beauty, intellect, and wealth.
Sticking with women, she suggests, is the only way to escape male violence and drudgy housewifery.
100 YEARS AGO Under the auspices of several technical education committees, residential schools for teaching domestic subjects have been established in various town centres, to which promising girls are sent from the rural districts for instruction in cookery, laundry work, needlework and housewifery.