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a wife who manages a household while her husband earns the family income

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Her letter folded, sealed, and directed, and her pen wiped, and her middle finger wiped, and her desk locked up and put away, and these transactions performed with an air of severe business sedateness, which the Complete British Housewife might have assumed, and certainly would not have rounded off and broken down in with a musical laugh, as Bella did: she placed her husband in his chair, and placed herself upon her stool.
A housewife gets hands-on training during the civil defence workshop
Jules Wainstein, the newest Real Housewife of New York, seemed at first to adhere more or less to the latter model.
Summary: Married man, housewife, accused of unmarried sex after meeting outside children's school
Alpha female Ramona Singer, also a prosperous businesswoman and not a housewife, has her beloved Southampton mansion listed for lease at $320,000 for the summer season --and by the week at $55,000--after which it will likely be sold, a real estate casualty of her ugly and ongoing divorce.
In fact, I would have remained unaware of the anniversary entirely, had I not happened to read an online Telegraph article by Felicity Capon, "Why is the 1950s housewife making a comeback?
Dubai,June 10 ( ANI ): A British stewardess has been fined 2000 dirhams for calling an Emirati housewife a 'lesbian' in a public place.
We usually live on my husband's salary of SR 2,000 per month and save my salary or send it back home," Cherie, a Filipino housewife, told Arab News.
Talking to Qatar Tribune, an Indian housewife Kanchan, who was selling hand-made purses and dolls, said, "My passion for handicraft dates back to my early youth days.
The initiative, the first of its kind to be showcased on Indian Television is an inspiration to many a housewife who have come out of the mould of being a home-maker, a mother and a dutiful daughter-in-law to showcasing her talent through this show.
If authorities want, they can even charge some fee for the transfer of housewife visa to work visa, but please allow them to work.
The article states that "every housewife has a direct, personal interest in the decision recently handed down by Judge Hough" (Whittier 39).
This time it's gobby housewife Angie Bolen (The Sopranos' Drea de Matteo), with her mean looking husband Nick and frankly weird son Danny.
The working woman more often than not is also a housewife juggling home and career.
The putative traits of the German housewife were cleanliness, orderliness, thriftiness, and well-honed domestic skills.