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a party of people assembled to celebrate moving into a new home

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If I'm having a housewarming party, then I'm making sure I hire a bouncer in case anything gets out of hand.
ONLY HOUSEWARMING TO WORRY ABOUT Inside Yuill Homes' ' two-bedroom, two-bathroom Vermont showhome at High View in Blaydon
The housewarming was to mark The Wanted's arrival in LA - it's going to be one of the main events of the series, so producers told them to invite their mates from back home.
B- town party animals spotted making merry into the night at the housewarming party included Imran's superstar maternal uncle mir Khan and his film- maker- wife Kiran Rao.
CHICAGO, March 13, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- HYATT house[TM] today announced its new housewarming initiative, a national celebration designed to make guests feel more like residents.
The actress, who celebrated her big purchase by throwing a housewarming party for all her friends, revealed she was worried when some neighbours came knocking at her door.
Eternal optimist Roxy hopes a housewarming party will show the residents of Walford what a kind, cuddly bloke her dad really is, but the plan backfires as Ronnie plans a rival bash for the same night.
You might simply want to treat yourself and your new home to a housewarming present.
The same weekend as Cichon's housewarming party, Nepal Asatthawasi, coordinator of the Paul Rudolph Foundation, was visiting Sarasota with photographer Chris Mottalini, both here to document the Rudolph-designed Joe King house on Siesta Key before it was torn down.
Invite them all round for a housewarming BBQ and praise the peace - or draw attention to the racket if some non-attender runs noisy machinery.
The explanation that they were intended for a housewarming party given by a select group of the First Lady's longtime friends seems logical enough to calm any suspicion that accepting any of the gifts would be illegal.
A COUPLE celebrating their housewarming convinced hundreds that UFOs were circling above Sunderland, it emerged yesterday.
It still works and I recently purchased one as a housewarming gift for my daughter.
At the housewarming party (which includes an Austin Powers lookalike), Anthony plays a painfully embarrassing series of charades, before the party-goers bop with boredom in smoke-ridden gloom.
At the more typical artist party there were either terrible fights, such as the one that occurred between the art critic Nicco Callas and the poet Charles Henri Ford at her Beekman Place housewarming, or else someone pontificated, as Andre Breton frequently did.