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a party of people assembled to celebrate moving into a new home

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With something for everyone, from the Strong Man sledge-hammer game -- testing their strength in this DIY challenge to win prizes -- to the 'tweets for treats' twitter vending machine dispensing heaps of great gifts make sure you pop in to HGTVs Housewarming Party.
While exploring the housewarming concept, Ms Riberti explained that "people want to feel at home wherever they are" and that "home is not just a place, it is really a feeling", adding that this concept can be applied to retail, office and residential spaces.
But housewarming has certain responsibilities as each subdivision, village and community has different safety requirements and inviting guests over could be a concern for your neighbors.
If I'm having a housewarming party, then I'm making sure I hire a bouncer in case anything gets out of hand.
ONLY HOUSEWARMING TO WORRY ABOUT Inside Yuill Homes' ' two-bedroom, two-bathroom Vermont showhome at High View in Blaydon
The housewarming was to mark The Wanted's arrival in LA - it's going to be one of the main events of the series, so producers told them to invite their mates from back home.
B- town party animals spotted making merry into the night at the housewarming party included Imran's superstar maternal uncle mir Khan and his film- maker- wife Kiran Rao.
Both Ashley and Cheryl were at a friend's housewarming bash when he launched into his "out of tune" rendition by singing Just The Way You Are, reports thesun.
This business offers gift baskets for every occasion - Birthday, New Baby, Get Well, Holiday, Sympathy, Coffee & Tea, Healthy, Housewarming, Rochester, Sports Themed, Spa and Relaxation, Food, Chocolate, Corporate Gifts, etc.
Yesterday preparations were well underway for the housewarming bash.
Ryan and Andy start the clean-up operation following the previous night's housewarming party.
00pm) Sam reports Olena to the authorities after finding out about her relationship with Eli, and Katie is shocked when she walks in on Eve and Ryan kissing at the housewarming party.
The actress, who celebrated her big purchase by throwing a housewarming party for all her friends, revealed she was worried when some neighbours came knocking at her door.
I'm sure Ingrid would give him a nice little sculpture as a housewarming present.
A day after the closing, my wife and I decided to surprise them with a housewarming gift--we'd install light strips on the underside of the upper kitchen cabinets.