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a loose dressing gown for women

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Mol's housecoat is forever unbuttoned; the yard is littered with garbage and sections of refrigerators and car parts, on which Lambert works off and on without ever finishing a job.
I remember going to London with my friends after we'd seen the film Desperately Seeking Susan, wearing my dad's old paisley housecoat, some long-johns and lots of crosses.
For wearing around the house, they're surely the modern day equivalent of the housecoat.
Everywhere this season there is the glint of gold, every party outfit has more sequins than a drag queen's housecoat and styles are high voltage vamp.
But while Gail dressed like a champion boxer in her housecoat socks it to Eileen, her son Nick Tilsley (Adam Rickitt) is taking a beating from Todd's brother Jason (Ryan Thomas).
We know Jen's trying for a more grown-up image these days, but dressing in her grannie's flowery housecoat with that crazy curly hairdo, she looks more like a budding Dolly Parton
Thankfully, Mr Thatcher never felt the need to raise a G&T on the pages of a Sunday supplement and reveal that although Maggie looked a sight in her Carmen rollers and housecoat she was still the love of his life.
I really liked the drab row houses opposite the Museum: there was some sort of a Mafia-esque hangout across the street, Gino's or Vino's or Nino's, I don't remember, and in an upstairs window I spied an elderly woman in a housecoat smoking a cigarette while surveying the antics below.
UK Infirmary turned a Portakabin which had been used for storing broken furniture into a casualty department COLD COLD One woman housecoat housecoat housecoat housecoat department overspill as the beds crisis deepened.
Moma tried to prepare me as best she could, shuffling between the stove and refrigerator, her slippers whispering on the linoleum; wearing that pink quilted housecoat with the stuffing poking out the elbows.
Her wallet, containing $90 and mementos, was grabbed from the pocket of the housecoat she was wearing on the street.
The image of me gasping for air in five years' time while running around the garden, was the greatest motivation to dump the slippers for trainers and the housecoat for a tracksuit.
One time after dark, Lucy came right up to her bedroom window to draw the blinds, and her housecoat fell open to reveal a blindingly white bra.
It is ( thankfully ( not to resign and spend your days in a housecoat.