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a wheeled vehicle that can be pulled by a car or truck and is equipped for occupancy

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It converts a pickup truck into a combination truck and house trailer, enclosed delivery vehicle, field office, ambulance, etc.
NBA has an impressive HQ on McCain, but the downtown branch has been operating in that glorified house trailer on West Broadway for more than 10 years.
A port's mission may be a handsome two-story chalet-style building, as in Toronto, or a house trailer, as in Thunder Bay, Ont.
From March 1 until September he lives in a house trailer on the backstretch.
Or the continued appearance of the silverfish, those nonmetamorphosed, aberrant insects that dominate the house trailer in which Eck lives?
Where you used to see only one house per lot, now I see many places that include a second house, or a house trailer in the back as well.
You'll live in a house trailer in an orchard, do your cooking in a group kitchen.
But the company built products for other market segments too, including the lavish, 50-foot Continental Clipper portable house trailer.
Come the next election, we passed on the candidate who'd once booby-trapped a house trailer with a tear-gas bomb.
Shortly after the project was started, the need for something to pull the safety house trailer was identified.
And now that my literary career had been firmly established, in the words of my bride-why not borrow $1,500 to put with the $20, buy a house trailer, and take off for Florida?
He cut up an old house trailer and built a steel replica of the memorial in memory of Worcester County's Vietnam War dead.
The UCR definition of "structure" includes apartment, barn, house trailer or houseboat when used as a permanent dwelling, office, railroad car (but not automobile), stable, and vessel (i.
The company's Web site says the Nomad 25 can be used as a house trailer or a houseboat.
A personal residence includes a houseboat, house trailer, stock in a cooperative housing corporation,(3) appurtenant structures used for residential purposes (e.