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a servant who is paid to perform menial tasks around the household

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Born in England, she was forced to be a house servant after her parents died.
Oona prepares herself for her future responsibilities by mastering a series of battles against Samuligan, a warrior faerie left behind when the Glass Gates closed and now a Pendulum House servant.
They include house servant (maid), driver (chauffeur), watchman, cook, nanny and farmer (gardener).
2 engine rooms, cleaning supplies room, hall, transition from Metzler - building the school house servant, a computer lab and four classrooms
The completed book, "Ruth's Journey," is the fictional telling of the life of one of the novel's central characters, a house servant called Mammy who otherwise remains nameless.
It is pertinent to mention that in the recent act of violence against women, a 10-year-old house servant Iram, a resident of Okara, was tortured to death by the house owner in Lahore.
The book, written by "Hannah Crafts" follows a house servant through her trials in the 1850s.
Joining the SAG list for outstanding cast performance are Jean-Marc Vallee's AIDS drama "Dallas Buyers Club'' and the sweeping White House servant tale "Lee Daniels' The Butler.
The Oscar-tipped drama, about the civil rights era as seen through the eyes of a black White House servant played by Forest Whitaker, has earned more than $100 million since its release five weeks ago.
The faithful White House servant, who was born on a plantation in Virginia, died three years ago - but not before fulfilling a dream by standing just yards from Barack Obama in 2008 when he became the first black American President.
The drama focuses on three such victims - an 11-year-old girl from West Africa who was sold as a house servant, a young boy from Ukraine forced to work in the food industry and a Vietnamese boy imprisoned in a suburban semi to look after a cannabis farm.
In one commercial, the lady of the house while making a cup of tea for her friend makes one for the house servant as well.
The film, directed by Justin Chadwick who made The Other Boleyn Girl starring Natalie Portman and Scarlett Johansson, follows the lives of three modern-day child slaves including a teenager forced to work in a cannabis factory and an 11-year-old girl sold as a house servant.
According to police, house servant Iqbal and his two friends Jawad and Rashid were allegedly involved in the murder.
While country house life struggles on into the new century, the country house servant is a thing of the past, replaced by dishwashers and 'help' from neighbouring villages.