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common small European martin that builds nests under the eaves of houses

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We get the normal garden birds like blue tits, but it's unusual to have a rescued house martin - I've never had one before.
Swifts, house martins and sand martins share the swallow's penchant for aerial artistry.
More insects mean more food for migratory birds such as swallows, swifts and house martins, which relocate to northern Europe to breed over summer.
As OED explains, not only is the word `martlet' used as the diminutive of the martin, house martin, and swallow, but the martlet is also a heraldic device borrowed from France, namely a `little blackbird' pictured without feet.
a) birds (eg ordinary hedgehog, house martin, sparrow ordinary, ordinary jackdaws and kestrels common), bats (eg moth big scotoma silvered, serotine) and other mammals and other animals listed in the Regulation of the Minister of Environment on October 12 2011 on the protection of species of animals (Journal of Laws No.
The old farm buildings are used by a range of birds, including barn owl, swallow and house martin as nesting sites.
Its checklist this year has included: tawny owl, barn owl, sparrowhawk, kestrel, woodpigeon, collared dove, crow, magpie, swallow, house martin, great tit, house sparrow, heron gull, grey squirrel, roe deer, bullfinch, a gannet.
CUTHBERT' the baby house martin found an unlikely surrogate parent in a Northumberland solicitor.
The first House Martin reported in the area was at RSPB Conwy on the early date of April 2.
Ward 10T has everything teenagers need and Martin House Martin House is an amazing place, most of the people there are volunteers.
I know the local team is known as the Bluebirds but the sand martin is an earthy brown bird, unlike its relatives the house martin and the swallow, both of which have dark blue upper-parts.
First we learnt of a falcon which - carrying a minor injury - had missed the annual migration and was bailed out by British Airways; then an orphaned swallow got the ultimate package holiday to Africa - courtesy of DHL; then we were told of house martin chicks which, left behind by their parents, were driven from Hereford to Barcelona, with just a hop across the Med still to negotiate.
The RSPB recommends an ice cream tub as the perfect alternative, with a few easy steps creating the perfect temporary house martin home: 1.
The Scottish Prison Service last night defended the decision to house Martin at Castle Huntly.