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a husband who keeps house while his wife earns the family income

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Ethan Hawke, who recently separated from Kill Bill star Uma Thurman, admitted that their marriage hit problems when he became a house husband.
Many so-called house husbands are either self-employed or work for businesses that allow them to work from home by means of a computer and modem.
Award-winning series Nowhere Boys, childrens sketch comedy Youre Skitting Me, and House Husbands will also return to our screens in 2016 alongside The Wrong Girl, a new drama from House Husbands producers Playmaker Media, based on the best-selling book by Zoe Foster Blake.
I doubt if House husbands are going to have quite the same worries as the House wives.
As a nation we have 45,345 fewer housewives and house husbands than we did four years ago.
Many men have had to become house husbands and live on benefits until the youngsters are old enough to look after themselves.
The move follows a survey revealing that eight out of 10 new fathers would become house husbands, if given the chance.
And house husbands such as former Westlife singer Bryan McFadden, who gave up pop stardom to be with his family, are more common than ever, said the survey by nursery firm Fisher Price.
Many men with young families have had no choice but to give up work altogether and become house husbands living on social security.
Take Jon and Tracey in Modern Times: House Husbands (BBC2).