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a demand by a broker that a customer deposit enough to bring his margin up to the minimum requirement


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But a typical house call ranges from $199 to $299 and the physicians--board certified in various specialties --treat everything from bronchitis to allergies to minor injuries.
Its founder, Dr Gresham Bayne, is said to be widely considered the "grandfather" of physician house call services in the US.
Interesting article; made me think about advising my teenager to be a primary care doctor who maybe does make house calls.
Having the House Call Dentist team come on-site helps us a lot.
This house call was nothing unusual for Briggs, who frequently volunteers through his church when disasters like this strike.
The Electronic House Call solution allows providers to remotely monitor the vital signs of their patients using the Web, make adjustments to patient care plans and intervene in a timely manner if their patients encounter any issues before they become an acute care incident.
Lambert said he has done several House Call visits already, and found the response from family members very positive.
When you did go to a house call with a little bag, you were not well-equipped.
I understand that not a lot can be done in a situation like this, but I do think that a house call would have been the best course of action, even if only painkillers stronger than the paracetamol I already had in the house, had been offered/prescribed.
Presenter Lowri Turner was forced to step in and distance House Call from Martin's remarks making it clear such behaviour was wrong and said the chef was joking.
8,9] A house call also provides housebound patients with social contact they might not otherwise receive.
The Return of the House Call * Foot Fetishes * FDR's Affairs * Black and White Justice * The Case of the Missing Convertible
Ergo Communications, a New York computer-health consulting firm, has created its House Call Program for home offices in the New York metropolitan area.
While many people consider the house call to be a long-dead casualty of busy, impersonal society, it remains alive and well and a very valid health care alternative, particularly for the growing number of elderly patients.
AUSTIN, Texas -- WhiteGlove House Call Health, Inc.