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lasting for an hour

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Another hourlong drama, entitled "Socio," is scheduled to go into production, as well.
Barker, 83, announced his retirement last October after 35 years of hosting the hourlong show.
Using Steve Reich's towering hourlong score for percussion and voices and the talented dancers of her troupe, Rosas, she again proved her mastery of movement manipulation.
Those "Greed 2" numbers are much more impressive than what "Greed" as an hourlong program would have pulled: 6.
These were some of the questions suggested by Phyllis Lamhut's hourlong premiere, Deadly Sins.
Dylan spun tunes by Judy Garland (``Come Rain or Come Shine''), Muddy Waters (``Blow, Wind, Blow'') and Joe Jones (``California Sun'') during the hourlong program broadcast on XM's Deep Tracks (XM 40) and the Village (XM 15) channels, with reruns through the weekend.
The 9-year-old was joined by others learning generations of dancing styles, from the mamba to the macarena, during an hourlong assembly Thursday at Sulphur Springs School.
The best of it is ``Lady's Pedigree: The Making of Lady and the Tramp,'' a nearly hourlong documentary that shows animators working on ideas and a rehearsal session with Burke and Lee.
Alex called me up and said he had two tickets he couldn't use and he knew I wanted to go, so he gave them to me,'' Councilman Dennis Zine said during an hourlong council tribute to Padilla.
Not all HDCA coaches will make the hourlong trek to Boron.
The team of 10 motorcycle officers set up their hourlong sting at 11 a.
He was nearly an hour late for the hourlong program, part of a half-day series of panels and lectures for the Valley Industry and Commerce Association's annual business forecast conference, but that didn't deter him from making a bravura entrance.
The hourlong event will also feature a tribute to Bob Hope.
Later, after warm showers with mineral water, steam treatments, cool showers, warm towels and hourlong aromatherapy massages in private little huts, we're fully converted.