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the shorter hand of a clock that points to the hours


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Like a conventional watch, the hour hand in the UNO Titan completes one full rotation every twelve hours.
BaselWorld 2013 went to show that personal timepieces have come a long way from the 1550 Nuremberg egg, with dozens of complex applications finding their way into a dial that once accommodated a single hour hand.
The other dial has a highly original design, with a disk in place of the hour hand at the centre.
Containing the iconic Eight Hour Cream, Eight Hour Hand Cream and Eight Hour Face Cream, it saves pounds 12.
com is offering the Eight Hour Value Set, containing the iconic Eight Hour Cream, Eight Hour Hand Cream and Eight Hour Face Cream, for pounds 25, which saves pounds 12.
To visualize a 30-degree angle, mentally slice the 90-degree angle into thirds, or picture the distance between the minute hand and hour hand of a clock at one o'clock.
The hour hand is the same color as the hour marking while minute hand is matched to the minute markings on the dial.
Some of the watches are really quite unusual - I've got several 24-hour movement watches which feature an hour hand that rotates just once during a day.
This original and ingenious marriage between technology and aesthetics depends on two mobile discs around the dial: a 24-hour ring is synchronised with the hour hand.
Early watches used the verge escapement, they didn't have a hair spring to regulate the balance and had only an hour hand, as they were not accurate enough to warrant a minute hand.
If you imagine that the left arm is the hour hand on a clock face, the images show 7, 8 & 10 O'clock.
So the first hand is the hour hand, the second hand is the minute hand and the third hand is the second hand.
Why does a person earning pounds 5 an hour hand over a bigger percentage of their cash to the Treasury than the boss of a private equity firm who hides his income in an account on a remote Caribbean island?
In addition we tend do ignore the different functions of the hands, and instead we need to highlight the position of the hour hand and the distance the minute hand has travelled.
A 130-km-long segment (the clock's minute hand) parallels the nearby Ariadaeus Rille, a classic linear rille, while the 80-km-long hour hand is radial to the immense Imbrium impact basin.