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Synonyms for hotdog

someone who performs dangerous stunts to attract attention to himself


a smooth-textured sausage of minced beef or pork usually smoked

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The homemade hotdog is served on a soft white roll with ale onions and homemade sauces (PS5).
That research revealed that consumers had very fond memories of hotdogs and liked the convenience of food on a stick leaving one hand free, but had no awareness of a hotdog brand and they don't like frying food at home.
On the issue of whether a mascot's launching of a hotdog is an inherent part of the game, the Missouri Court of Appeals agreed with Coomer and ruled that the risks created by a mascot throwing promotional items do not arise from the inherent nature of a baseball game because it is not a "well known incidental" risk of attending a game (Coomer v.
6] log cfu per gram in turkey high-fat and chicken low-fat hotdogs which contained 3% potassium lactate and 0.
Every French Hotdog Baguette[TM] is prepared and baked to the renowned high standards of all Unibake's French bread products, on baking equipment imported from France.
95 for a burger and around pounds 6 for a hotdog they aren't cheap, but this is high-quality food worth paying more for.
It's always a pleasure to handle such classy types like Milldean Buster and Hotdog Jack and they've ended their careers with pretty smart CVs.
One of Western's everyday vendors, El Capitan's, is now serving up flesh hotdogs downtown on Friday and Saturday nights.
The odds were lowered, however, when individual cash donations added another $90 to the kitty and a local Food Basics store donated 100 hotdogs and two cases of soft drinks.
THE parents of a university student who died after saying she had eaten a "dodgy" hotdog are waiting to find out if it killed her.
What I did know was that, when me and the old man went into Woolworth's to have a hotdog, we had to eat it way back by the kitchen, not at the counter like everybody else.
Likewise, there are sizzling sisig, tonkatsu with rice, siomai rice, shawarma, liempo with rice, mozzarella sticks, hotdog with rice, chicken nuggets with rice, and tapa with rice, said Fritz Tumao.
The new Clinician Warming Vest is designed to work with the HotDog Patient Warming system to help practioners stay comfortable in cold ORs.
Launched in September 2007, the Belgrade's Directors' Club has grown rapidly over the last four years and the membership scheme now includes a diverse range of local businesses such as the UK arm of premium bathroom and kitchen manufacturers Dornbracht, Hotdog Presentations, De Marco Hunter Solicitors and Jaguar Land Rover.