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Of course, the fixture list is now completely different to 30 years ago, but the champion jockey must still be the individual who rides the most winners overall during either the turf season, or during the all-weather season, or during a calendar year, not the hotchpotch that is proposed.
CIRCUS Geeks present Beta Testing, a hotchpotch remix of juggling subculture and influences such as TED talks, The Hitch Hikers Guide to the Galaxy and a fear of the haddock.
Russia is one of the staunchest allies of Syrian strongman Bashar al-Assad and has helped prop up his regime during three years of fighting against a hotchpotch of rebel groups, including the ISIL.
A jarring hotchpotch of syrupy sentiment, fortune cookie philosophy ("Kindness is magic") and crude slapstick, Derek's only plus point was the realisation Gervais hadn't created his slow-witted character to poke fun at the mentally impaired after all.
The music is eclectic (if you like it) or a hotchpotch of disparate styles (if you don't): Bach chorales with a chorus of three countertenors, gospel, Latin American dance rhythms and a dash of rock.
The result being a hotchpotch of Stalinist monstrosities.
Ashok Soota, executive chairman, Happiest Minds, said `` We have suffered hotchpotch governments here for several years.
This is a glorious hotchpotch of historical snippets and titbits.
The first, led by experts, was not sufficiently rooted in concrete aspects, while the second, with its hotchpotch dimension, left room for doubt in terms of the commitments announced.
Even newsreader Jon Snow and his studio guests speak in verse, but Fiennes' visual style is an uneven cinematic hotchpotch.
Liverpool never got to grips with the hotchpotch of a 3-4-2-1 formation that, for the second game running, left the home players shrugging their shoulders and looking desperately to the dugout for guidance.
What we have now is a hotchpotch of a system that threatens to drag investment out of the North East just as it needs it most.
MARI investigator Polys Polyviou yesterday described a specific document as a hotchpotch of paragraphs written by different people for their own personal aims.
The gruesome reality, as witnessed by the ongoing agony in Haiti and in communities lilt by the Indian Ocean tsunami, is that people are left to fend for themselves in a hotchpotch of temporary, unsanitary and dangerous camps, all feelings of safety, of community, of shelter gone.
Experts say, although a bit of a hotchpotch, Shakespeare's writing shines through.