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The brutal Hot Kiss and teasing Rosie Rosie are surprisingly steamy and only maudlin Singing With Angels, a hotch-potch of Presley lyrics, really lets the side down.
This is a real hotch-potch amalgamation of brands," he said.
Action has long been needed to tackle the problems but the new alcohol legislation is a hotch-potch of compromises.
It's a hotch-potch of stuff really," he said about material for the show.
Liverpool had made a nervous start to the match and played like the Wimbledon of old - only a hotch-potch eclectic foreign mixed version.
What you have now is a hotch-potch of all sorts of things controlled by central Government.
The hotch-potch of designs and colours are offensive to the eye and destroy our rural delights.
The result is a hotch-potch mess that allows road and car debris to collect, producing a road surface that is a further hazard.
But my furniture's a hotch-potch of wood and metal and my table's looking a little the worse for wear.
What's more, the blog is the opinion of one person, undiluted by the hotch-potch of postings on a mailing list.
It is worrying indeed that, by drawing an arbitary line in the sand, determined by district health boards in a hotch-potch manner, the role of the EN is being artifically diminished.
England rugby fans will have to travel down to Cardiff for the big game against Wales [well, it's big for the Welsh] for a Saturday evening kick-off,'' he wrote in his weekly hotch-potch of misinformed opinions.
Designed by the Los Angeles architect, Steven Ehrlich, the three-storey house is tall and narrow, standing proud of the hotch-potch of small beach shacks that are its neighbours and exactly filling its site.
In medieval times we had excellent relationships and communications with Europe and the outside world until we were so rudely interrupted by that arrogant hotch-potch of French and Germans.