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start (a car engine) without a key by bypassing the ignition interlock

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Scotiabank is now hot-wiring the Canada-Caribbean trade route that established the Bank in 1889 as the nation's first financial institution to venture beyond the U.
Teenager Tyrone Dobbs was seen breaking into a pounds 30,000 BMW Z3, disabling the alarm and hot-wiring it in less than 20 seconds.
BUILDING site bosses yesterday accused a four-year-old boy of hot-wiring a dumper truck.
LoveToKnow states why it is the best is because "Solenoid immobilizer systems make the best car alarms due to their effectiveness in the prevention of hot-wiring.
The car had been left in gear and the fire short-circuited the electrical system, hot-wiring the car so it set off across the road and hit the kerb on the other side.
AN angry mum is demanding an apology from housing giants Barratt after they accused her four-year-old son of hot-wiring a dumper truck.
The Power Lock is the only vehicle anti-theft device that cannot be circumvented by hot-wiring, the method that accounts for almost all vehicle thefts.
Power Lock is the only patent-protected anti-theft device on the market today that is 100% foolproof against auto theft by hot-wiring of the vehicle.