hot-water heater

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a heater and storage tank to supply heated water

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Turning down the thermostat on hot-water heaters may be good for the environment the electricity bill, but it may not be good for your health.
It is common knowledge that many facility managers have reduced thermostat settings for hot-water heaters in response to energy-conservation concerns--a "welcome development" for Legionella bacteria.
The title of this piece is fully descriptive; nearly twenty battered and rusted hot-water heaters were precariously tied together with wire cable into a complex and top-heavy assemblage, the entire erratic melange capped by a raiment of large, heavy sheets of paper, seemingly carelessly strewn on top, which were covered in the glossy graphite residue of Rubins' obsessive and repetitive drawings.
The field test confirmed that the Broadband Energy UNI-PLEX system can enable utilities to more effectively communicate with remote electric meters and to monitor and control major electrical devices, such as air conditioners, pumps, motors and electric hot-water heaters in customers' facilities," explained Larry Silverman, president of Philadelphia area-based Broadband Energy Networks.