hot-water bottle

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a stoppered receptacle (usually made of rubber) that is to be filled with hot water and used for warming a bed or parts of the body

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Kay, from New Malden, Surrey, runs an aromatherapy business selling wheat bags for pain were taking them to bed with them together with a hot-water bottle.
AIF your knee feels stiff, it is useful to wrap it in a heated compress - a hot-water bottle in a towel will do.
One Christmas Eve, I filled my stone hot-water bottle, carried it upstairs, pulled the bed clothes back, and rolled the bottle down the bed.
His Anglo-Indian rickshaw has hydraulic brakes and there's a waterproof overblanket and hot-water bottle on board.
We made up her bed with a hot-water bottle and when she seemed reluctant to settle, I found a clock and put that in her bed too - the ticking mimicked her mother's heartbeat and Pippa was soon sound asleep.
Estimates range from pounds 150 to pounds 30,000 and one bear, a very rare Steiff hot-water bottle teddy bear, created around 1907, is estimated at pounds 15,000-20,000.