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a very large tub (large enough for more than one bather) filled with hot water

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Mycobacterium avium complex infection in an immunocompetent young adult related to hot tub exposure.
color) Tom Thornbury is the founder of Valencia-based Softub, which has been making portable hot tubs for 20 years.
At that time, a water sample obtained from the patient's hot tub was positive for M.
Despite the fact that sweating is completely ineffective in a hot tub or spring, the body sweats anyway, losing a great deal of water, which leads to dehydration, which increases the risk for a heat injury.
Answers on a postcard by May 14 to: Hot Tub, The People, PO Box 7294, London E14 5DG.
Jackson says Hot Tub Express has been demonstrating Softtubs at Park Plaza for the past two months.
We are extremely pleased to have captured the sense of health and well-being that inspires hot tub owners," said Shelly Roberts, brand manager for Caldera Spas.
They are made in California by Watkins Manufacturing, a global hot tub leader who has sold more than one million hot tubs.
They also received a Highly Recommended Hot Tub Project of the year 2014 award from The Pool & Spa Awards for one their projects which involved a hot tub sunken into decking surrounded with deck lights and a thatched roof gazebo bar.
Create a Ritual of Relaxation - Soaking in a hot tub at the end of the day has many benefits, all of which help people fall asleep faster and sleep sounder.
L-R) Hot Tubs of Blackpool staff Ross, Guy, Den, Damien and Dan | (L-R) Hot Tubs of Blackpool staff Ross, Guy, Den, Damien and Dan
Sarah, 28, who enjoys soaking in the tub with her boyfriend, said: "Someone saw the steam rising and put in a complaint thinking it was a big hot tub.
Starting Hot Tub Cinema didn't feel like a decision - once I had invented and experienced it myself, I couldn't help but want to share it with as many people as possible," the Daily Mail quoted Charman as saying.
Fast forward a couple of years, and the hot tub became a hulking, admonishing presence, like cast-off exercise equipment in the garage.
GREAT HOT TUB GOODIES HEAD back to the 80s with Hot Tub Time Machine and win some top movie goodies including leg warmers, sweatbands and coloured sunglasses.