hot dog

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someone who performs dangerous stunts to attract attention to himself


a smooth-textured sausage of minced beef or pork usually smoked

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Ye Olde Oak Foods Ltd own brand hot dogs: eight premium hot dogs 400g cans, best before Sept 2004 and Oct 2004.
Use this formula: Original weight - final weight = weight loss Weight loss - original weight x 100 = percentage of water in hot dog
Charles Hardy of Brooklyn, who came third with 23 hot dogs under his belt, expressed his amazement at the winner.
The previous record was 25-1/8 hot dogs, set by his compatriot, Kazutoyo 'The Rabbit' Arai.
The relish option means more time spent perfecting each hot dog, and for vendors paid on commission, time is money.
He also hopes to double the number of "units" (Woody's hot dog carts, kiosks, and concessions) from about 50 to 100.
Pink's, with its secret recipe chillidogs, is more than just a hot dog stand.
Using vending carts to sell everything from hot dogs to handbags has become big business.
But in the youngsters age 10 and under that his group has just studied--232 with leukemia, 232 without--the cancer risk was strongly linked to consumption of hot dogs.
Few have been able to identify the species of origin of the "mystery meat" served by airlines, and the perennial debate in school cafeterias as to which unmentionable animal parts have made their way into the hot dogs will probably never be settled.
This has been accomplished by substituting milk and vegetable protein for most of the beef and pork in a hot dog, yet retaining much of the taste and "feel" of the traditional hot dog.
Hot Dog on a Stick is also expanding globally, with stores set to open worldwide.
The dancing hot dog on Snapchat was one of the app's most beloved overnight sensations.
Wellington, July 5 ( ANI ): Joey Chestnut won his sixth consecutive Nathan's Famous hot dog eating contest, on Wednesday in Coney Island.
Hot dog stands and emporiums across the region are flourishing and serving up America's iconic hot dog in a bun - grilled, steamed, with mustard, ketchup or loaded with myriad toppings.