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It has been told that his book is selling like hot cakes not only in Pakistan but also all over the world.
Barry Gill (Doncaster): 3 Westmead Aoifa, 4 Larkhill Bird, 5 Cuil Magic, 6 Romford Car Two, Spankee Moved, 7 Butterbridge Ali, 12 Glittering Aries, Shelbourne Rene, 16 Drimeen Rumble, Like Hot Cakes, 20 Ardcroney Viera, Farloe Mallow, Swift Ninja, 25 bar
And about time too,' said Julie Wilkins, whose bangers with onion gravy and steak and ale pies go like hot cakes at the Plough in Merthyr Road, Whitchurch.
Bosses at the stately home say visitor figures have swelled and the estate's popular season passes are selling like hot cakes, with over 3,500 members signing up so far.
Max Boyce will be at the WMC on December 2 and 3 and tickets for his show have been selling like hot cakes.
Now his brightly coloured abstract pictures are selling like hot cakes at prices between pounds 600 and pounds 1,500.
HOW pleased I was to see Harry Potter books selling like hot cakes in the run-up to Christmas.
THERE are a few tickets left at PS23 a throw for Tuesday's Darkness gig at Coventry's Kasbah when Justin Hawkins and co will be playing old favourites and material from new album Hot Cakes.
TICKETS for hugely popular TV comic Sarah Millican's three Teesside dates next autumn have sold like hot cakes.
THE DARKNESS Hot Cakes It seems like another era since The Darkness hung over the land like a not-so-funny comedy rock cloud.
It seems a long way off but the tickets are guaranteed to go like hot cakes again, such is the appetite in Scotland for Abba and their enduring recipe of pop music.
Other than the chains and bracelets, everyone seems to love the key chains that are going off the shelves like hot cakes.
TICKETS for a charity concert in Mold are selling like hot cakes.
Michael was delighted to see his design selling like hot cakes and was thrilled to hear it raised pounds 1,200, which is to be split between Barnardo's and Tesco's designated charity Age Concern.