hot air

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Synonyms for hot air

Synonyms for hot air

air that has been heated and tends to rise

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To develop a more efficient roasting technique than traditional hot air roasting, the investigators evaluated the shelf life of almonds roasted using infrared, SIRHA and regular hot air techniques.
The RE/MAX Hot Air Balloon recently returned to the Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta earlier this month.
The familiar red, white and blue RE/MAX Hot Air Balloon made its debut at the Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta in 1978, when a RE/ MAX Region Owner based in Albuquerque thought of putting RE/MAX in the sky.
The RE/MAX Hot Air Balloon is best known locally for its role in the interactive educational program developed by the RE/MAX Northern Illinois regional organization that uses the balloon to help teach students in grades K-8 about the science and history of ballooning.
Leister Process Technologies, the worldwide leader in industrial hot air technology, has recently introduced a drying system for PET bottles.
Have you ever had a close call or unsafe experience while up in a hot air balloon?
to place the Biesse AirForce hot air edgebanding system in its production line.
The Tribute Bristol International Balloon Fiesta, now in its 37th year, features four days of displays by hot air balloons from across the world.
A FESTIVAL will see an array of hot air balloons take to the Teesside sky.
Generally, if a balloon is inflated correctly with heated air, it will rise in cooler air because hot air is lighter than cool air.
The twelfth studio album of wildly popular, family-friendly band Recess Monkey, Hot Air is available both digitally and as a two-disc combo pack; one disc is a CD showcasing 14 new and original songs, while the other is animated storytelling DVD that weaves the songs together into a magical journey.
Only about 40% of the drying required is supplied by the steam inside the Yankee--60% of the drying is done by the hot air hood that surrounds the Yankee.
Equipment and system capabilities for rubber profile, tubing and hose extrusions are featured in the company's two-page, four-color bulletin, including accumulators and let-offs, cold feed extruders (vented and non-vented), profile and tubing extrusion die heads, shear heads and gear pumps, microwave and hot-air curing systems, infrared curing systems (vertical and horizontal), continuous salt bath curing systems, hot air salt removal blow-off units, hot water wash units, cooling tanks and cooling drums.
Our community has an annual summer hot air balloon fest.
A line of hot air blowers designed for continuous operation and capable of interfacing with PLCs for a range of heating and drying applications is available from Malcom Hot Air Systems.