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The Sudan Liberation Movement led by Minni Minnawi (SLM/A), the Justice and Equality Movement (JEM), and Sudan Liberation Movement--Transitional Council (SLM--TC) hereby declare an immediate unilateral Cessation of Hostilities for Humanitarian Purposes," said a joint statement by the three groups extended to Sudan Tribune on Saturday.
In order to support the peace process and the national reconciliations, the cessation of hostilities in the southern region (Daraa, Quneitra and Sweida) has been extended till the end of8/7/2017," said the Army's General Command in a statement issuedon Thursday.
According to the report, the number of armed groups that pledged their commitment to the acceptance and commitment of the conditions of the cessation of hostilities in line with the ceasefire agreement of 27 February 2016 has not changed, and stands at 143," the statement said.
According to Office, the Special Envoy has received assurances from all Yemeni parties of their recommitment to the Terms and Conditions of the Cessation of Hostilities of 10 April 2016, which will re-enter into force at 23:59 Yemen local time on 19 October 2016, for an initial period of 72 hours, subject to renewal.
It urged all parties "to make every effort to ensure that the cessation of hostilities is sustained, exercise maximum calm and restraint and refrain from any action or rhetoric that could jeopardize the cessation of hostilities or destabilize the region.
The renewed hostilities sent about 200 families to safer ground, disaster officials said.
She said Russia has "a special responsibility to press the Assad regime to abide by the cessation of hostilities and end its bombardment and siege of innocent Syrian Civilians.
MAREB, April 18 (Saba) - The members of the ceasefire committee in Mareb province have agreed to halt hostilities in the province.
The members of the Security Council welcomed the announcement on 23 March 2016 by the Special Envoy of the Secretary-General for Yemen, Ismail Ould Cheikh Ahmed, of a nationwide cessation of hostilities in Yemen, scheduled to begin at midnight on 10 April 2016, and peace talks scheduled to begin on 18 April 2016 in Kuwait.
I am gratified to see the final arrangements concluded today for a cessation of hostilities in Syria and call on all parties to accept and fully comply with its terms.
courts have found that customary IHL allows for the detention without trial of so-called "unlawful combatants", now called "unprivileged belligerents," at least until the end of hostilities.
Massen added in a speech during the annual conference of the European police agencies, held in Berlin that "the number of terrorists returning to his country after participating in hostilities in Syria and Iraq has risen to two hundred people," noting that "70 people from terrorists accused of participating in the hostilities with the ISIS in Syria and Iraq.
People across the region Urges both the PMs to end hostilities
The authors assert that, in its extreme form, religious particularism -- commitment to the belief that "there is only one true faith" -- can lead to hostilities spurred by uncivil dicta, such as this one from Saudi Arabia: "Be dissociated from the infidels, hate them for their religion always oppose them in every way according to Islamic law.
15 ( ANI ): Pakistan has surpassed 198 countries to occupy the top spot in a list of countries suffering the most from social hostilities involving religion, the Pew Research Center's report showed.