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We permitted the children of Israel to pass through the sea, and Pharaoh and his forces followed them aggressively and hostilely until he started to drown.
The Muslim who hostilely estranges the Venetian is thus himself hostilely estranged by the Britain.
Finally, the "Extinction Scenario" assumes, somewhat hostilely, that constructivist scholars are undervalued in society.
So it raises a lot of questions about how to authorize Hmong Studies as a critical stance when people have that insecurity in that whistle-blowing can be perceived hostilely by senior evaluating parties.
242) Store workers were more likely to respond benevolently to pregnant customers (with overly-friendly responses, affirming touches and affectionate but diminutive references like "honey" and "sweetie"), but hostilely to pregnant applicants.
Here the new opposes itself hostilely to the old" (Historical 39).
On one occasion, after being treated hostilely by the old man he encounters and asks where his Uncle Molineux's lives, and then being laughed at by the patrons of a nearby barbershop, Robin, who ironically prides himself in his shrewdness, erroneously concludes: the old man "'is some country representative .
The ASQ examines an individual's attributions to a broad range of negative and positive outcomes, such as meeting a friend who acts hostilely towards you.
Despite its abandonment 25 years ago, the Fairness Doctrine remains an important topic in recent studies of broadcast policy that have explored whether its reinstatement presents a constitutional challenge to the First Amendment (Fisher, 2011; Hazlett, 1989), whether it instituted a "chilling effect" on press activities (Hazlett & Sosa, 1997), or whether its resurrection would be effectual or treated hostilely by the media (Ammori, 2008; Hale & Phillips, 2011).
s Global War on Terror--which promised to incapacitate an enemy lacking a national identity and national borders--the Study was received hostilely by the U.
Asked why the project had not figured in Israeli political discourse, those sources accused the Israeli media of generating an election campaign climate that hostilely depicted Netanyahu and his party as extreme right-wing nationalists who consistently refused to talk peace with the Palestinians.
I'll give you a topic: Barbra is either hostilely amused or amusedly hostile.
For instance, when spouses act hostilely to their mates, their negative behaviours cause troubles in their relationship, thus their undesirable actions need to be explained to maintain a good relationship (Murray and Holmes, 1993).
The basic thing is that this government, which acts hostilely toward half of the Lebanese people, cannot continue.
Twentiethcentury Irish writers, despite often being "attracted to the rituals of the Church," have also been hostilely attuned to the fact that their newly emergent nation fostered such "a strong collusion between the Catholic Church and the state" that the latter "became in essence an unhealthy theocracy" (70).