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a witness whose relationship to the opposing party is such that his or her testimony may be prejudiced against the opposing party

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Senate, took turns treating each other like hostile witnesses during a tense hour at WFAA-TV studios in Dallas on Tuesday night.
The guide begins with five principles of documentation: taking comprehensive notes, documenting efforts to contact witnesses and all surveillance, preparing reports when there is a possibility of testifying, taking verbatim statements from hostile witnesses and declarations from friendly witnesses, and providing all case documents to the client or maintaining a document retention plan.
Three criminal court judges said that the case failed because two of the prosecution witnesses "came to court determined not to speak the truth and as a result were declared hostile witnesses while three othersC* took care to retract from their statements to a large extent anything incriminating the accused".
Although getting answers from hostile witnesses can be as frustrating as chasing snipe, the well-prepared and persistent lawyer/answer-hunter will not come up empty.
It is understood the case hangs hostile witnesses who have provided crucial evidence.
Affably and gently, but resolutely, he would seek to lead hostile witnesses into difficulty.
Acknowledging that there are meager extant documents for the earliest of the Baptists, he does a masterful job of using works from hostile witnesses and various letters and court records to assemble a vibrant perspective.
Wachsmuth no longer arrests suspects or meets with potentially hostile witnesses -- he's not allowed to.
The decision to appeal is entirely what I expected given that three of the leading members of the controlling Labour group were hostile witnesses against me at the tribunal,'' he said.