hostile witness

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a witness whose relationship to the opposing party is such that his or her testimony may be prejudiced against the opposing party

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We will be asking the presence of former Comelec Chairman Andy Bautista as a hostile witness, sa ayaw niya at sa gusto (whether he likes it or not),' Tolentino said.
com/1995-03-27/news/9503280021_1_kato-kaelin-hostile-witness-simpson-houseguest) hostile witness.
Mr Mainstone, who was granted permission to crossexamine Mr Haigh as a hostile witness, read back the initial statement he gave to police on June 6 in which he gave a detailed account of the assault.
O'Riordan, originally went on trial for murder last July, but he pleaded guilty to manslaughter after his girlfriend was declared a hostile witness.
David Boies, the lead lawyer for Hands and London-based Terra Firma, told US District Judge Jed Rakoff yesterday that he will call Wormsley as a hostile witness in the trial, which began this week.
Beyond that, though, the series plays like a pretty straightforward procedural--similar in tone to "Homicide," including one profane (and frequently bleeped) interview with a hostile witness.
The prosecution was so frustrated by Reyat's evasions that it applied to have him declared a hostile witness.
It should be a human right to ask to take such a test or to demand that a hostile witness do the same.
Lambertson was also surprised to discover that the defendant, General Crook, was a hostile witness, as were several of Crook's subordinates who had carried out the Interior Department's orders by arresting the Poncas.
Just as an admission by a hostile witness is more valuable than one made by a friendly witness, an admission by a witness who fights yon every step of the way is even more valuable.
The 13-year-old, who cannot be identified for legal reasons, was declared a hostile witness by police after failing to co-operate with them.
The second is the hostile witness whose sole purpose is to attack the subject for ideological reasons.
A hostile witness is a witness brought by one side, either Prosecution or Defence, but who gives evidence that weakens or goes against the case of the side that asked him to give evidence.