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Synonyms for hostile

Synonyms for hostile

of or engaged in warfare

inclined to act in a hostile way

feeling or showing unfriendliness

Synonyms for hostile

troops belonging to the enemy's military forces

characterized by enmity or ill will

not belonging to your own country's forces or those of an ally


impossible to bring into friendly accord

very unfavorable to life or growth

unsolicited and resisted by the management of the target company ( used of attempts to buy or take control of a business)

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Here are the 10 Welsh MPs who received the most hostile messages: 1.
The awareness training programme is specially designed for people from various walks of life including students aimed at weapons handling training, conduct during hostile environment and preventive measures to be taken in case of any hostile situation.
Less-than-lethal weapons such as verbal commands with proper body triangulation, OC pepper spray, a Taser, or a baton are preferred weapons in these circumstances according to Hostile Control Tactics.
The lawyer said the charge sheet alleges Rezaian gathered information "about internal and foreign policy" and provided it to "individuals with hostile intent.
In particular hostile takeover attempts have mostly failed and the number of hostile takeovers remains very low.
Key findings of the "2015 Canadian Hostile Take-Over Bid Study" include the finding that, when initiating a public contest for control, a hostile bidder was successful more than half the time; however, in these circumstances the sale of the company was by no means inevitable, with targets of these bids remaining independent almost 30% of the time.
The navy boat was on patrol 400 miles north of the port of Damietta when the hostile boats opened fire from several directions.
Chandrasekharan murder case may be weakened because of the large number of witnesses who are turning hostile.
After playing the game each day, participants took part in an exercise that measured their hostile expectations.
Lekhi argued that Munshi could not be termed hostile since even the Supreme Court had used part of his deposition to convict Manu Sharma and others.
Facing the front from dead centre, hostile listeners seem to depend as much on giving dirty looks as on offering reasoned argument.
Gladstone PLC, an Oxford-based high tech business, received its own pounds 13 million hostile bid in October 2008 from Constellation Software Inc.
This study examined the hypothesis that the association between hostile attributions and aggressive behavior with peers is moderated by children's temperament among three samples of preschoolers.
said Thursday it has decided on an advanced registration of an equity warrant issue to ward off possible hostile takeover bids.
Christenot has for his incredible statement that "the majority culture [in Hawaii] proved hostile to [his Christian] faith and beliefs.