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Synonyms for hostel

cheap hotel


Synonyms for hostel

a hotel providing overnight lodging for travelers

inexpensive supervised lodging (especially for youths on bicycling trips)

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From the above brief review it is evident that hostel work has indeed been a system in flux and within which the core functions of hostels has varied greatly over time.
The Evangelical Church in the Republic of Namibia (ELCRN) has launched a trust fund to help sustain its hostels throughout the country.
Young and old lined the street outside Alnwick Youth Hostel for the special visit hoping to catch a glimpse of the royal party.
Hostel life is much more interesting and charming than life at home.
The Llandudno Hostel, which has around 50 beds, could well be the poshest in Wales after being refurbished to a standard that competes with many four-star hotels.
But the Leamington hostel, in Kenilworth Road just 250 years away from Arnold Lodge School and close to two nurseries will continue to house paedophiles.
North Wales AM Janet Ryder and former AM Dafydd Wigley yesterday met a company which claims its future survival depends on the hostel.
The story unfolds in West London, at a nuns' hostel where Nina stays and gets to know her new friends.
The hostel directors cited the need for more on-site psychiatric services than the existing services for the homeless that are currently offered in targeted community health centres.
IRISH hostels have come out tops in a worldwide poll of more than 3,000 hostels worldwide.
In June 2000 a drifter torched the Palace Backpackers Hostel in Childers, a town in the eastern state of Queensland, killing seven tourists from Britain, the Netherlands, Australia, Ireland, South Korea and Japan.
Icons provide information on hostel aspects like hospitality, safety, cleanliness and more at a glance, and all the necessary details like addresses, phone numbers, rates, hours and so on are listed as well, along with several paragraphs describing each hostel's accommodations and atmosphere.
As a result, there is a shortage of both nursing home and hostel beds as people live longer and their
For their hostel has been awarded the first five-star rating in the UK.
The Ludlow hostel required a new roof and central heating system, which would have cost pounds 200,000.