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placing in medical care in a hospital

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The aforementioned conditions would be covered in the hospitalisation limit without being confined to the hospital, according to documents.
The documents further stated that hospitalisation limits also included maternity (normal) of rupees 100,000, maternity (C-section) of Rs150,000 and outdoor patient diagnosis limits/family of Rs75,000.
Young people aged 15 to 19 have the highest rates of intentional self-harm hospitalisations and females are twice more likely to be hospitalised than males.
Infant feeding, solid foods and hospitalisation in the first eight months after birth.
The cost-effectiveness of CRT is based on the proven clinical evidence of improvements in quality of life, morbidity, mortality, and reduction in costs associated with hospitalisation for heart failure.
The data was collected as part of the French Cohort for the General Study of Schizophrenia (CGS), which aimed to assess the impact of long-acting injectable antipsychotic drugs compared to other antipsychotics drugs on the risk of hospitalisation in real-life settings.
A new analysis of data from the CHAMPION study found that actively monitoring patients with the CardioMEMS HF System was more effective in reducing heart failure hospitalisations than conventional medical management.
Washington, Feb 14 ( ANI ): A new study has found falling stock prices lead to increased hospitalisations for mental disorders.