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Although we expressed our findings in terms of hospital occupancy rather than on a population basis, our findings are similar to those raising alarm about limited inpatient capacity in the face of a pandemic or disaster.
Higher hospital occupancy in the local market was associated with increased odds of being discharged to another nursing home (AOR = 1.
Hospital occupancy rates, hospital profitability measurements, and cost containment and expense management information were examined.
Studies have looked at a range of items from hospital occupancy and boarding hours, to nursing workload.
During the same period hospital occupancy rates have reached as high as 98%, a far cry from the optimum target of 85% demanded by the Welsh Assembly Government to ensure all elective and emergency patients can be treated.
Access to behavioral health services may be a growing challenge in many communities in light of psychiatric hospital occupancy rates reaching the highest level in more than 5 years, according to annual survey data released recently by the National Association of Psychiatric Health Systems (NAPHS).
4 percent, compared with the statewide average hospital occupancy rate of about 55 percent.
Despite this decline, the average hospital occupancy rate today is less than 66 percent.
In a community where hospital occupancy rates are hovering only around 70%, a recession-beaten local economy cannot support major capital improvement programs for RCH's aging facilities.
While the overall hospital occupancy rate for urban Oregon hospitals was 58.
Hospital occupancy and length of stay are slowly rising, along with lab budgets and staffing, signaling some relaxation
Hospital occupancy rates have dropped for the last two years and will probably continue to do so this year.
Higher acuity of influenza cases will probably have little effect on hospital occupancy rates
This financial year there is an occupancy rate of between 91 and 97 percent, with the rest-home rate generally higher than the hospital occupancy rate.
In particular, managed-care penetration has been higher in metropolitan areas with low levels of concentration among hospitals and low hospital occupancy rates.
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