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a set of people sharing a devotion to horses and horseback riding and horse racing


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That was at Badminton where, in the interests of research, I was mingling with the horsey set.
The horsey set will be over the moon at the news as the event has been away for nine years.
Old-fashioned girl Clare Chamberlayne shuns the party circuit for the horsey set.
THE horsey set are being urged to help Zara Phillips win the BBC's Sports Personality of the Year.
The chubby-cheeked product of Cheltenham Ladies College shuns the fickle party scene for the horsey set and dreams of becoming an Olympic horsewoman.
But the horsey set were stunned when the Record revealed his hardman past, including a 20- year string of convictions.
At one point, she discarded her overcoat to try on a fleece top and together with her polo neck and dark green baseball cap, she looked every inch a doyen of the horsey set.
Every week-end, in an elite ritual, Ayrshire's horsey set gather for show-jumping competitions.
And the 42-year-old said the flashy show is already a hit with the horsey set.
Like Zara, Anne was never short of boyfriends, the majority of them from the horsey set in which she seemed most at ease.
The 32-year-old - who is about to star in RTE's new horsey set drama Rough Diamond - quit Ireland for London nine years ago to start her transformation.
Still, there isn't a male member of the horsey set who wouldn't want Gisele to dump the catwalk for the stables.
Actor Conor Mullen claimed glamorous series Rough Diamond - about the Irish horsey set - will delight the tourist board.
He will hob-nob with the horsey set, which is expected to include the Queen's grand-daughter Zara Phillips, before playing to a star-studded audience at the home of the Derby.
Part of the horsey set, the athletic Camilla won Charles' attention immediately and she was certainly from the right stock to be considered a royal bride.