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a set of people sharing a devotion to horses and horseback riding and horse racing


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For the horsey set, it's an ideal fellow for towing and negotiating mudtracks.
The village itself seems typically picture-postcard and twee, a haven of Agas, chintz and oak beams for the horsey set.
But Zara Phillips was determined to have a good time when she joined other members of the horsey set at the opening of a new country pub in the Midlands last week.
She's even made inroads with the horsey set, showing her animals at horse events around the country.
The horsey set hit Hollywood last week, and they kicked things off in style; the pre-entries were announced at Spago Beverly Hills.
0-litre TDI diesel edition that would turn out to be the powerhouse of choice for the likes of farmers, the horsey set and those who had to hook up to a trailer, boat or caravan as part of their everyday lives.
Plenty of us but the estate agents who have Station House in Morpeth, on the market think the horsey set would be ideal.
Ten years after the Labour government banned fox hunting with hounds the horsey set got in the saddle yesterday as around 300 traditional Boxing Day meets were held.
It retains Ascot and Aintree in horse racing in its limited racing view, two courses that are the bastion of the rich and horsey set.
Sure, it was fun hanging out with the horsey set and playing happy families in Sussex while it lasted.
Word of mouth has our bar and restaurant filled every day, from early morning until late at night, while the horsey set who have been more used to a cold Bovril at these events love the comfort, good food and atmosphere they get here.
It appears that more of the upper-class horsey set bothered to vote for Zara than did the middle-class golf set for Darren Clarke or the working-class boxing set for Joe Calzaghe.
Not only are Land Rovers the vehicle-of-choice forthe horsey set, but - like the Royal Family - they can ride roughshod over anything that stands in their way.
That was at Badminton where, in the interests of research, I was mingling with the horsey set.
Riding schools in the North-East could face closure because of a rise in litigation culture among the horsey set, it was warned last night.