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the act of whipping with a horsewhip

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Once Cunningham arrived at the coffee house, Forsey touched him on the shoulder and asked him what he thought of horsewhipping.
With the exception of a naked horsewhipping scene (and even that little gem is sedately staged), nothing really fun happens in this bordello.
In her reading of Warner's novel, for instance, Noble details the way Ellen's affection for the horsewhipping John Humphreys figures he r own desire to be broken by him.
Clark, who also held positions as Trade Minister and a Defence Minister, ultimately conceded: "I deserve horsewhipping.
One union man was threatened with a horsewhipping when he was caught proselytizing on Rosedale property.
Also on the list are Norman Roberts (66) and his son Ian Roberts (42) who were convicted in 1993 of horsewhipping a boy fostered by the family from the age of seven.
Horsewhipping his employer, Wicker said that every New York Times story on the Persian Gulf war should have been printed with the disclaimer: "This is what the government wants you to know; it is not the product of free and independent reporting.
But that's why Daly introduces these things and I moan in despair as another old classic gets a horsewhipping - that's We Got Tonight, not Lulu.