horseshoe crab

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large marine arthropod of the Atlantic coast of North America having a domed carapace that is shaped like a horseshoe and a stiff pointed tail

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The fossil of the now extinct animal was found in in Idaho by paleontologists who just published ascientific articledescribing the extinct horseshoe crab.
She examines how humans exploit crabs, depend on them, and consider their welfare, discussing issues related to the species health of the horseshoe crab, their sexual reproduction, the use of their endotoxins, and global warming, site fidelity, and reclamation projects.
Simple eyes, extraocular photoreceptors and opsins in the American horseshoe crab.
Interaction Between Lipopolysaccharide and Intracellular Serine Protease Zymogen, Factor C, from Horseshoe Crab (Tachypleus tridentatus) Hemocytes.
The observations indicate that disruption of the sex ratio at the fishing site could affect the future of the horseshoe crab population.
Shorebirds, like the red knot, feed on horseshoe crab eggs and larvae.
Wellfleet is not a big player in the horseshoe crab harvest,'' town Shellfish Advisory Board Chairman Barbara Austin said.
Marine biologists had studied the unique properties of the creature's blood and immune system, and 50 years ago this year, the first academic paper was published describing a method in which horseshoe crab blood might be used to detect pyrogenic bacteria.
5 kg of wet horseshoe crab shells was added into a pail containing 30 litres of 2 M NaOH solution.
the food supply of horseshoe crab eggs is being compromised.
Medical scientists use horseshoe crab blood to make sure drugs, vaccines and medical equipment are bacteria free.
The horseshoe crab, a crab in name only, has been found in fossils 450 million years old.
In the New Zealand rainforests, he examines the elusive velvet worm as well as the reptilian tuatara; he searches for a ferreret (a Mallorcan midwife toad) in the Sierra de Tramontana in Mallorca and watches as the hardy horseshoe crab scrambles to mate in Delaware Bay.
The man didn't know the difference between a whelk shell and a clamshell, and he couldn't tell a horseshoe crab from a fiddler crab.
You have to get there early enough to check in, unload, clear security (ever taken a horseshoe crab through a metal detector?