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The humanist, modernist Joycean epiphany is inaccessible to Russ, as in Helm's writing more generally, in which a poststructuralist subject can only strive toward an awareness of genre in which he is embedded, without achieving the illusion of liberty, clarity, and enlightenment, which become, along with so many other established conventions, so much "gender-locked horseshit.
Interspersed with shit: here, not excessively, with horseshit.
This didn't fit with Yarmo's theory of military bureaucracy, which seemed to function on what some referred to as The Mushroom Principle: Keep Them in the Dark and Feed Them Horseshit.
Kennedy wrote that by the 1960s, all of the "Tammany Hall tricks and traits were adapted to Albany" and quotes O'Connell saying that the community action programs as "being a lot of horseshit.
The Holocaust is mostly a lot of horseshit," he said.
What I really want to eat right now is something that doesn't taste like horseshit at the cafeteria, which I know is virtually impossible" (male, age 18).
Horseshit is the essence of merdecratic pragmatism.
You caught some flak from the Black Lips and Psychedelic Horseshit for the antics in Spain and for selling-out the no-fi sound.
On raceday there will be the intoxicating whiff of hoof oil and horseshit, but for now the smell of new-mown grass hangs in the air.
It is a device for scraping the horseshit off your boots before coming into the house, and the iron blade is worn into a shallow curve by a half-century of use.
inexorably rewriting Aaron Spelling's camp horseshit out of the 1980s as the new social reality of teen California, and by cathode extension, the nation at large" (338).
I don't care if it is not a good "tactic" to get kicked out of a Congressional non-impeachment hearing that was just a bunch of horseshit anyway.
Makuck begins "The art of horseshit isn't hard to master," and with the same painstaking repetition and variation as Bishop, he proceeds to dismantle the virtue of his premise and the consequences of succeeding: "The art of horseshit isn't hard to master, / Though it leads to (I lied
I'm always torn between feeling that the cock crows because he has a vision of the dawn or because he feels stimulated by standing on top of a pile of horseshit.