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a loud laugh that sounds like a horse neighing

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Her "wild wish" to check the social import of sexual difference stops at sexuality: "A wild wish has just flown from my heart to my head, and I will not stifle it though it may excite a horselaugh.
This is a horselaugh for the Communist Party, which already has more volunteer capitalist collaborators than it knows what to do with.
As Mencken put it, a good horselaugh is often worth a hundred syllogisms.
The proper response to Big Numbers is sometimes just a horselaugh, or at the very least suspended judgment.
Beyond all the metaphors that have passed into our speech--all the ponytails and tantivies, the horsebeans, horseleeches, and horselaughs, beyond all the junkies shooting white horse and all the cutpurses hung from the mare foaled of an acorn--beyond that there is, most excellent of all, the terminology, the words we have evolved in order to live in such close association with these beings for such a long time, to be able to talk about them and what they do: piebald and roan, withers and farrier, crupper and martingale.