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the flesh of horses as food

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Standing outside these horseflesh shops on Saturday morning and evening, a correspondent was struck with the varied character of the shoppers.
Surely the prospect of horseflesh, weighing around half a ton each, thundering down a track, guided by a fit human in the saddle, trying to reach the winning line first, should be a big enough spectacle and compare favourably with Grand Prix motor racing or any other all-action entertainment.
But by the mid 19th century the Comanches had turned from buffalo meat as a staple diet and were eating horseflesh, using the hides both for clothing and tent manufacture.
Ranging further afield in his quest for horseflesh, Kiaran McLaughlin went to Dubai in 1998 to work for the sheikhs of the ruling Mattoon family, and still returns occasionally (thus permitting the Hennegans to include some exotic Middle Eastern locales).
But as someone more interested in horsepower than horseflesh, it's the 40-odd lots of motor racing that interest me most.
1762)--not the artist's greatest achievement--the horse-trainer Ginger McCain wrote a particularly illuminating label assessing the horseflesh and explaining why he would not bid for this particular filly at Tattersall's salerooms.
With Kicking King going the way of all horseflesh, Kauto Star's grip on the Gold Cup betting has become even more vice-like with as little as 9-4 now on offer.
On half a ton of horseflesh thundering towards a fence?
That the proprietor of Taco Bell views connoisseurs of horseflesh as potential customers?
One of the most astute judges of footballing horseflesh surely wouldn't have sanctioned the two deals Newcastle made this week.
99) YOU don't have to be a connoisseur of horseflesh to enjoy a day out at the races with Jenny Pitman.
Ed's estate--but the French and Belgians love to munch on horseflesh, so most of the hides come from Europe.
17) Local traditions in designing public buildings now became associated with beasts of burden and the lowest form of merchant, a trader in horseflesh, not sturdy independent yeoman farmers, republican values, and evangelical churches.
But there's still enough horseflesh around to lend a frontier flavor.
And even with East and West restored to their accustomed places, he misses out on the Mongols in a discussion of the acceptability of horseflesh as an item of diet, and fails to pinpoint the relationship between what he calls the `banqueting cultures' of modern China/India and the dining cultures of Europe prior to the mid-nineteenth century when service a la francaise gave way to service a la russe.