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Synonyms for horseflesh

the flesh of horses as food

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I remember the man next me being killed by a shell with all his team, and the tangle of flying harness, torn horseflesh, and crimson khaki, that we left behind us on the veldt; also that a small red flag, ludicrously like those used to indicate a putting-green, marked the single sloping entrance to the otherwise precipitous donga, which I for one was duly thankful to reach alive.
Remember what I told you about horses," he reiterated to Saxon; and, assisted by his hostess, he gave a very creditable disquisition on horseflesh and its management from a business point of view.
Golf is one of these; a mutual love of horseflesh another; but the greatest of all is bees.
Who calls himself a friend and rides like that, abusing Heaven's gifts in the shape of horseflesh, and endangering, not only his own neck (which might be no great matter) but the necks of other people?
As Buick, who is reportedly a fine judge of horseflesh, said: aACAyhe's a horse that's improving all the time and one who is really coming to himself now.
LIVERPOOL now has two horseflesh butchers' shops - one in Paddington and the other in the South End, and the promoters claim that they have come to stay.
Both were covered efficiently enough with expert comment on the quality and personality of the animals, but I fear it's betting rather than the horseflesh that interests the great unwashed, in whose number I count myself.
In fact, they have improved it with owners of top quality horses now more prepared to risk their beloved horseflesh than they were in the past.
JP MCMANUS is never at the back of the queue when shelling out for prime horseflesh.
THE key question in our current horseflesh folderol is generally perceived to be one of trust.
Horseflesh is an essential part of fine dining in many countries on the Continent
Foresters to provide poles, infantry work parties to dig post holes and cable trenches and an insatiable demand for horseflesh and fodder was reduced to demands for accumulators.
Along with his wife, Fitri, the Hays have invested heavily in horseflesh and through his association with the pair, former champion jockey Spencer is enjoying a stellar season.
Earlier, the finest of Mexican horseflesh was not kept on the East Coast.
Surely the prospect of horseflesh, weighing around half a ton each, thundering down a track, guided by a fit human in the saddle, trying to reach the winning line first, should be a big enough spectacle and compare favourably with Grand Prix motor racing or any other all-action entertainment.