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an early form of streetcar that was drawn by horses

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Don't miss the horsecar fide by moonlight, the sunset on Glacier 3000.
Citizens' complaints about the thick horsecar and pedestrian traffic on Boylston and Tremont Streets prompted a controversial campaign by private developers to widen the streets by paving over the Common's outer sidewalks.
Chicago had a large horsecar service, it had the largest cable car operation in the United States and one of the largest in the world, and of course jumped on the electric streetcar bandwagon in the 1890s.
When Walker died, in 1936, he was described in the Star as the "ideal landlord," the archetypal nineteenth-century entrepreneur: a self-made man who began as a horsecar driver, started in property by chance, and retained personal responsibility for every stage of building and management: "Although he owned more than 30 apartment houses and homes, he had an intimate knowledge of the details of every one, having built most of them himself.
The causes were essentially the same: transportation in the form of horsecar, cable car, and railroad, coupled with a proliferation of anti-urban philosophies that proclaimed the benefits of a closer proximity to nature, ranging from a simple physical and mental well-being to a more complex relationship with the deity.
Electric streetcar enterprises, even the successful ones, never brought the high returns of their less capital intensive horsecar predecessors.
One day purely by accident I discovered Samuel Chotzinoff's A Lost Paradise which proved indispensable in writing Chapter Eight, "Growing Up in the Ghetto, "as did Sophie Ruskay's Horsecars and Cobblestones, a priceless but then little known memoir I paid a few dollars for a few months later on Used Book Row.