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a conveyance (railroad car or trailer) for transporting racehorses

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I successfully pitched to them for the funding needed to renovate our horsebox.
The horse was unhurt and remained in the horsebox before continuing its journey.
It took more than 10 men using straps to then haul it out of the horsebox before the animal was brought round.
The couple spent their honeymoon in a horsebox in Ayreshire, Scotland, after Sarah was picked for a Home International event.
A PARTIALLY-MADE 600lb bomb uncovered in Northern Ireland last month was a Real IRA device destined for central London in a motorised horsebox.
Peaky's also runs a mobile horsebox bar, designed for street food events.
Showjumper Walter Jacob Stewart was stopped by police after reports a vehicle pulling a horsebox was swerving across one of Northern Ireland's busiest routes.
A TRAINERS' competition that starts on Sunday will result in someone driving home from Listowel's Harvest festival in a new horsebox.
NEWCASTLE-BASED accountancy firm Robson Laidler is warning horsebox owners that they are set to be the subject of an investigation, as HM Revenue & Customs continues its clampdown on tax evasion.
EVENTA HORSEBOX ACCORDING to IWT designer Bryn Davies, the contemporary lines of the Eventa horsebox were "inspired by the curves of smartphones, printers and computers".
However, lack of funds and a horsebox to transport their horses is causing a real headache for us, which means they may not be able to go to compete in their dressage, countryside challenge and showjumping classes.
There was hardly room for their horses" Best-selling novelist Jilly Cooper on the news that silver medallist Zara Phillips has a double bed in her horsebox "I've got four kids now.
RAIDERS who stole a pounds 100,000 horsebox rammed a police car in an effort to escape.
But one particular Ifor Williams horsebox has undergone a makeover like no other.
a Jordan, who has been found guilty of not being in proper control of a vehicle after veering into another lane while driving her giant pink horsebox, has explained the accident saying: "I'm just a typical woman driver.