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Every hiker and horseback rider who ventures onto this trail should enjoy the history and soak in the surroundings.
A published photographer, animal rights activist, champion horseback rider, mother and one of the most famous women in the world, Linda McCartney was supremely gifted, brave and beautiful.
She was an avid horseback rider, gardener, and loved chocolate.
She is a competitive horseback rider and an annual sponsor and competitor of the Hampton Classic Horse Show.
At least a walker or a horseback rider would be able to move over into the ditch if a car or truck approached, but there is nowhere to go for a bicyclist.
The New England Mountain Bike Association says when approaching from the front, stop and let the horseback rider pass, unless the rider indicates otherwise.
And yeah, if I hadn't been a horseback rider, I'm sure I would have been terrified and hated the experience.
Church members have a view of the popular rock-climbing landmark Stoney Point, the occasional horseback rider and produce stands.
Also an avid horseback rider, Mardesich owned a horse named Helena but had to give her up when the family moved to Saugus.
But this avid skier and horseback rider had another side that few encountered.
Mills is an avid horseback rider, and actually served as a deputy sheriff for Oakland County Sheriff's Mounted Division from April, 1995 through May, 1997.
Now from men to women and motorcyclists, horseback riders, bicyclists, runners, truck drivers and anyone who suffers from Monkey Butt can find the relief they need.
Among the 30 planned events is a special "equestrian hike" for horseback riders at Elijah Bristow State Park.