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He claimed to be a Zulu chieftain but his real name was Peter Carl McKay and during his lifetime he worked as a lion tamer, street singer, violinist, horseback rider and a stable hand.
They are right when they say I'm a horseback rider from Texas, but everyone rides in Texas.
He loved the theatre and was an avid traveler, dog owner, horseback rider, and water-skier.
was an avid tap dancer and horseback rider before she developed rheumatoid arthritis.
She is also an avid horseback rider and likes to scuba dive.
While not all of the jobs are glamorous -- for every horseback rider there's a horseback shoveler -- they are all important.
Cuoco is a professional horseback rider whose life changed 6 both positively and negatively 6 because of the sport.
A passionate horseback rider and ski racer when she was growing up, Chrisi now enjoys running marathons and spending as much time at the beach as possible.
Meriden also has another claim to fame, as birthplace of that famous bare horseback rider Lady Godiva.
com/2016/04/15/keeping-up-with-kaley-cuoco/) a professional horseback rider .
BEND - A horseback rider discovered swastikas and other offensive graffiti along a popular trail at Crooked River Ranch in Central Oregon.