horse wrangler

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a cowboy who takes care of the saddle horses

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Matthew Chew, a veteran horse wrangler who worked on "Luck," insisted that HBO and AHA were not in any way culpable for the accidental horse deaths on the set.
Cody early became an accomplished horse wrangler, hunter, and Indian fighter.
Maxwell, a documentary with Eric Campbell, Gettysburg National Military Park Ranger and Civil War author and an interview with Doug Sloan, notable Hollywood horse wrangler, on caring for animals in films.
Just to be sure, the team drafted Paul Murphy, son of Ferdy, as all-round horse wrangler and occasional rioter on the picket lines.
It turned out that her husband and Audie Murphy had a common acquaintance, a horse wrangler from the actor's long spate of Western films, she said.
Maxwell, notable Hollywood horse wrangler Doug Sloan and Gettysburg National Military Park Ranger and Civil War author Eric Campbell.
Johnson drove the horses by truck to California, and Hughes hired him as the film's horse wrangler.
We had a driver, interpreter, a guide and assistant guide--for each hunter--two water boys, three horse wranglers, three cooks, a girl to keep yak dung in our stove, plus others.
Kazakh horse wranglers are in demand abroad for training actors to ride, while Kazakhfilm has spent the past year creating the country's first CGI-animated fantasy, "The Book of Legends: Mysterious Forest.
Named Medicine Hat for her markings that Sioux warriors believed were sacred protective shields in battle, she must help her fellow mustangs survive the search for food and water, attacks from predators such as cougars, and perhaps most threatening of all, the advance of horse wranglers.
To date, the only horse wranglers whose treatment of animals fell below the production's standard of care seem to be the two wranglers who have chosen to level this new accusation on the eve of the premiere of the first Hobbit film and who were dismissed by the production over a year ago," reads the statement on Peter Jackson's Facebook page.
QUARTZ HILL - Sheriff's deputies had to act as horse wranglers Wednesday morning, corralling a pony that got out of its pen and was wandering through a Quartz Hill neighborhood.