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Trading of cattle will take place in huge numbers and the price is too high for horses ranging from 4 lakh to 5 lakh," said another horse trader, Kalyan Singh.
Anderson, also exposed as a rogue horse trader, was found guilty at tribunal of professional misconduct and told to pay legal costs.
It's not useful to just gather folks up in a bus and take them nowhere, but like the Arabian horse trader at the wheel, I'm as unqualified as they come and, as a Homo- sapien, emphasis on the homo, I think I just might qualify.
Determined to protect her horses, a breed called Canadian, Claire disguises herself as a boy, stows away in the wagon box of a Yankee horse trader, and becomes Clint Flynn, a deaf and mute groom in the military stables.
Farrueo, with his potbelly and mesmerizing gaze, tames his audience like the horse trader his father was.
A HORSE trader has been ordered to pay fines and costs totalling nearly pounds 7,000 for trying to sell an injured animal at Henley Horse Market.
a visiting horse trader who decided to stay for the competition.
He is an intriguing young man, making his way in the world as a gambler, a horse trader, a lover of beautiful women, especially one actress who likes him as a friend but is passionately in love with another actor, John Wilkes Booth.
After feeding her for two weeks on the finest of oats, baled hay, and molasses, Dad finally found a horse trader who would take the plug off his hands for $27, including bridle.
The two chiefs characters in this strikingly unconventional novel are Hermann I, Landgrave of Thuringia, referred to as Castellan (Burgherr), and Klingsor, a horse trader from Transylvania (Siebenburgen), who seeks to participate in the Wartburg singing contest.
I like the looks of the old horse trader, come in from some other tale no doubt, a familiar figure in these times.
A HORSE trader has appeared in court after being found guilty of causing unnecessary suffering to animals.
Bob had made only a limited impact after switching from Spain but he can claim a first success in Britain in the Race Horse Trader "Commission Free" Handicap at Beverley.
Another man, Edward Wood, was cleared of the murder, which was alleged to have taken place because horse trader Mr Raffle, 22, failed to pay for a car stolen by Wood.
A HORSE trader was yesterday jailed for eight months in a "shocking and horrendous" case of widespread animal cruelty.