horse radish

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coarse Eurasian plant cultivated for its thick white pungent root

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They can then choose from a range of starters including seared scallops with chorizo chutney or hot cooked smoked salmon with Morecambe Bay shrimp, horse radish, Wirral watercress salad and rye.
The menu reads imaginative creations such as "apple wine-risotto" with poached char and horse radish foam or grilled zander in pepper sauce and roasted gnocchi, "ahle wurscht" and caraway foam.
The hotel's restaurant is getting a name for itself and its food can be likened to Heston Blumenthal's experimental style - with a selection of ice-creams such as horse radish to accompany steak.
Try Scott Paul Wines (Fri-Sat; tasting $5; 503/852-7300) and Solena Cellars (Thu-Sun; no tasting fee; 503/852-0082), then keep tasting over lunch in the cozy Horse Radish Cheese and Wine Bar ($; Wed-Sun; 503/852-6656).
The culinary triumph, though, was the main course of roast loin of Irish venison, horse radish potato, pickled cabbage, creamed carrots and hop gravy washed down with a pint of this city's very own Cains 2008, brewed in celebration of our Capital of Culture year.
5 MUSTARDS (1 teaspoon) [check] Annie's Natural Organic Honey 10 0 Mustard [check] Annie's Natural Organic Horseradish 5 0 [check] French's Classic Yellow Mustard 0 0 [check] French's Honey Mustard 10 0 [check] French's Spicy Brown Mustard 5 0 [check] Grey Poupon Dijon Mustard 5 0 [check] Gulden's Spicy Brown Mustard 5 0 [check] Hellmann's Deli Brown Mustard 5 0 [check] Hellmann's Dijonnaise Creamy Dijon 5 0 [check] Westbrae Natural Dijon Mustard 0 0 HORSERADISH AND HOT PEPPER SAUCES (1 teaspoon) [check] Emeril's Kick It Up Red Pepper 0 0 Sauce [check] Gold's Prepared Horse Radish 0 0 [check] McIlhenny Co.
REPLANT beds of horse radish, selecting straight pieces of root about 6in long.
We've thrown in some lettuce and some horse radish and some dessert gooseberries which are wonderful.
Sprinkle with nigella and horse radish seeds, cover with the tagine lid, and place in the oven until the sauce is reduced by half, about 20 minutes.