horse opera

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a film about life in the western United States during the period of exploration and development

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With The Missing behind us and The Alamo still to come, 2004 is shaping up as the year the horse opera rode back into town.
Well, I like the good movies, and I don't like the bad ones,'' he says of what you or I may refer to as the horse opera genre.
It is a pretty looking but uninvolving horse opera with aspirations to mythic grandeur.
THURSDAY UNFORGIVEN TCM 9PM Clint Eastwood directed, starred in and undermined his old western persona in this horse opera classic.
The story is a contemporary attempt to recreate the early to mid 20th Century pulp horse opera.
Bale, the film is as much a psychological thriller as an allegorical horse opera.
The campaign horse opera is under way, unerringly following an ancient script.
It does a little better with its subtler horse opera conceits: flashes of Ennio Morricone in John Lunn's witty score; Jimmy's fine outlaw swagger (even if he is little more than just a screw-up) in a long leather jacket that flaps like a frontier duster; Ifans' wry, Welsh, latter-day channeling of the ``Liberty Valance'' Jimmy Stewart.