horse manure

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horse excreta used as fertilizer

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To make a bed, thoroughly mix together equal parts of fresh horse manure, the fresher the better, and deciduous leaves and turn the heap three or four times during the course of a fortnight.
Where is the evidence that horse manure causes harm?
Amid their struggle, management spread horse manure across the area where workers were picketing.
Is horse manure with wood shavings as good as horse / straw manure?
Expenses for things like dog food, light bulbs, horse manure, televisions costing over pounds 2,000, furniture and flipping homes - in fact living in the lap of luxury at the taxpayers' expense while all these people are on the dole because of no fault of their own.
Summary: Colombian police were filmed smearing a man with horse manure in an apparent initiation ceremony.
On November 17 at 4pmwalking along Atheidene Road, Walton, with my seven year-old, my little boy fell over the kerb into a pile of horse manure, thanks to our friendly police horses.
DOES Cherie Blair think we all have horse manure for brains?
A decision to introduce a levy on horse manure has angered business leaders.
TIP OF THE WEEK: Carol Lambert from Lake Los Angeles issues an illuminating caveat about turning horse manure into humus - for soil building purposes - through the use of red wriggler worms.
The12tons of horse manure raised pounds 70 while the picture of the new Duchess of Cornwall went under the hammer for pounds 15.
A trailer-full of horse manure may sound like a strange item to donate, but as an organic gardener I will be putting in a bid myself.
As a prelude to the winter digging which will start soon, I've spent a couple of mornings this week digging out the contents of my horse manure box.
Now is the perfect time to surround the base of the trunks with a good dose of wellrotted horse manure.
However, the bacteria found in a dog's faeces is far more pestilent than any found in horse manure.