horse fly

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large swift fly the female of which sucks blood of various animals

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But of course, should any type of fly carrying anthrax from a dead deer or livestock then come into contact with a human's open wound (or, in the case of a horse fly, actually draw blood with those sharp mouthparts), the bacteria conceivably could be transmitted to the person.
Lesley-Jane Goodfellow, 50, was riding near Scone, Perthshire, when her horse Fly slipped backwards into a ditch, dragging her underneath.
A previously unnamed species of horse fly with a glamorous golden rear end has been named after the singer because it is the "all-time diva of flies".
The Scaptia Beyonceae is a rare type of horse fly that was collected from Australia's tropical north in 1981, the same year that Beyonce was born.
2002), Barros (2001) y Barros & Foil (1999), who investigated the seasonal abundance of tabanids in the Pantanal region of Brazil and found an increase of the horse fly population during the first part of the rainy season and an increase of the populations by the end of that period.
Wylie said: 'I have made a big investment, but this is a great thrill and it was just stunning to watch the horse fly over the final flight
It started off on one of my legs about 34 years ago, and was first treated as a horse fly bite by my doctor.
From the stinging pain of horse fly encounters to our distaste for centipedes, cowbirds and sandburs, Janet Lembke explores the nature and myth of species we love to hate.
In fact, the Lyme disease spirochete has been isolated from virtually all blood-sucking insects: deer tick, brown dog tick, lone star tick, American dog tick (also mentioned by Potter), black-legged tick, Western black-legged tick, dog flea, cat flea, rodent flea, bot fly, horse fly, deer fly, and at least 15 species of mosquito.