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In almost any conceivable theater of operations, situations arise where the presence of horse cavalry, in a ratio of a division to an army, will be of vital moment.
Herr, Chief of Cavalry from 1938 to 1942, stubbornly insisted on the superiority of horse cavalry over mechanized forces, preferring at most to create combined horse-mechanized regiments.
45s that actually saw service with the horse cavalry were among those altered.
One problem such reformers had in overcoming conservatism among infantry and horse cavalry officers was that they were too farsighted; their dreams tended to outrun the available technology.
The horse cavalry was disbanded in 1942, a casualty of America's entry into World War II.
He fought on the front lines in Poland's gallant but doomed defense against the Nazi blitzkrieg, which pitted horse cavalry against panzer tanks.
Trench warfare, machine guns, and artillery made horse cavalry ineffective for that war--new weapons in future wars may do the same for manned combat aircraft.
I am advising a man on how to best employ light infantry and horse cavalry in the attack against Taliban T-55s (ranks), mortars, artillery, personnel carriers and machine guns--a tactic which I think became outdated with the invention of the Gatling gun.
In Afghanistan, a country we think of in somewhat medieval terms," said Deputy Defense Secretary Paul Wolfowitz, "our Special Forces have taken a page from the past, from the history of the horse cavalry with our soldiers armed with swords and rifles, maneuvering on horseback.
Army's African-American 9th and 10th Horse Cavalry Units, sometimes known as Buffalo Soldiers; John Jordan "Buck" O'Neill, Chairman of the Negro Leagues Baseball Museum and former first baseman and coach of the Kansas City Monarchs, as well as the first black coach in the major leagues; Frederick Douglass, IV, and his wife B.
Procurement current farrier services to the horse cavalry in West Bengal, police.
Even Poland's finest, its revered horse cavalry units, were still armed primarily with lances and swords.
horse cavalry units were sent to the Italian Apennine mountains for the use of pack animal skills for hauling supplies in inaccessible regions.
I never needed one before, but I need one now, '' said the Lake View Terrace man who once trained for the Army horse cavalry after enlisting in 1943.