horse blanket

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stable gear consisting of a blanket placed under the saddle

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Several examples of horse blankets and running estimates can be found posted on the S-6 COP.
However, I hear from Seven Barrows he's ready to throw his horse blanket into the Festival ring now and the progressive grey will appreciate today's step up in trip.
DANNII: "Totally un-flattering, this is a cross between a horse blanket and a Chinaman's dressing gown.
Of course, having a horse blanket doesn't preclude the use of an online directory.
I have already cited in Army magazine his tribute to an 18-year-old uncle, a draftee, home on his first leave in an ill-fitting uniform and horse blanket overcoat who nevertheless prompted, "But he was somebody.
True, the b-r-a was about as revealing as a football jersey or a horse blanket.
Handsome in full glossy colour, only to find you can spit basketballs through the material and it fits you like a horse blanket.
Thief unscrewed hinges on one shed and jemmied open door of another to get inside and steal post coded horse blanket.
What the starters tend to do is wait until the horse comes back down, but unbeknown to him [Avis], the horse blanket had pulled Spencer's foot out of the iron when it slid back and Jamie was dislodged from his mount and didn't have time to call out to the starter prior to the mechanism being released.
The wee yin loves it round here, is tough as old boots and just never knows when to throw in the horse blanket.
He asked if we could help get his car out and we gave him a horse blanket and some cups of tea because he was shivering and was in shock.
The horse, who cannot be left alone with a horse blanket such is his desire to tear them to shreds, channelled his energies in the right direction as he scored at 11-2 under Seb Sanders.
The poor animals should be given at least horse blanket.
Smells like a dirty old horse blanket, and of course I mean that as a compliment," said taster Von Bair.
A young stable lass in the official stable lass's uniform of tight black trousers and tight black t-shirt rushes past me on the lawn and then rushes back the other way wrapped in a horse blanket that only minutes ago was on a horse.