horse around

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Synonyms for horse around

to behave in a rowdy, improper, or unruly fashion

Synonyms for horse around

indulge in horseplay

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IT'S not often an Ulster town could pass for the Wild West - but Felix Purcell, eight, proved it was a fair day to horse around.
Horse around Saturday at the UO's Museum of Natural and Cultural History.
There he meets Mathieu Nassif who rides an invisible horse around the streets, a playwright who once lived with a panda in a zoo as research for his play, and Jean Luc Duez, a broken-hearted artist who started writing the word 'amour' in white ink all over the city after his girlfriend left him.
Osana's chasing debut win has been boosted by the subsequent success of runner-up Roberto Goldback, and O'Grady said: ''It's always nice to get your form franked but I have little doubt that on the bare bones of the form at the moment, Sizing Europe is the best horse around.
The 90-minute entertainment show traces the history of the Arabian horse around the world, and features an array of acts including trick and stunt riding, traditional Arab horse-whispering displays, Spanish dressage, and humorous acts, among others.
Paul was recently awarded an MBE for his services to football and charity and will follow in the footsteps of former Sky Blues manager, Jimmy Hill, who rode a horse around the Highfield Road stadium in 1967, albeit with his hunting clothes on.
My horse's name was Thunderbolt--The fastest horse around.
During one battle, he was found hiding out in his tent, and when he came under attack in South Carolina, he wheeled his horse around and galloped--nonstop--to Charlotte, North Carolina, 60 miles away.