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The major parts of a horse's foot are the hoof wall, coronet, sole, frog, and the internal structures such as the bones, cartilages, tendons, and connective tissue (Figures 17-1 and 17-2).
When they asked me what the term is for a horse's foot I just said 'paw', I just couldn't think.
The Magnetic Resonance Imaging scanner produces images of bone and soft tissue in detail, providing an unparalleled glimpse inside the horse's foot.
She told Mr Walters the horse's foot got stuck in the fence, Mr Boyle fell off and the horse and fence toppled over.
The act of placing a shoe onto a horse's foot dates back to around 3,000BC when the Egyptians and Persians used woven grasses and reeds, or animal skins.
The anatomy of the horse's foot yields clues as to why these animals are susceptible to laminitis (see illustration).
In reality, even though a farrier will study the skill of smithing iron, as well as the anatomy and medical concerns involving a horse's foot, there are many aspects of blacksmithing and veterinary medicine that are not applicable to the craft of horseshoeing.
Generally that happens when there's a problem with a horse's foot that needs to be resolved.
feathering--A fringe of hair around the horse's foot just above the hoof.
I've just done a stand for a horse's foot and a joiner wants me to make 17th century doors for a house he is renovating.
Equine navicular syndrome, an incurable lameness of a horse's foot, is an example of this type of problem.
The goal is not how long can you hold up the horse's foot, but to teach him that you will be the one in charge of the set-down phase.
It is easier to talk of doom and gloom now that the old grey horse is back standing happily in his box, but the inside of a horse's foot is a labyrinth of problems waiting to happen and an infected navicular bone is an uncompromising diagnosis.
They also invented the horseshoe - although they didn't have the bottle to nail it to the horse's foot in those days and tied them on with leather thongs instead.