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Synonyms for horror-stricken

stricken with horror

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Jane Clayton crouched, wide-eyed and horror-stricken, in the bottom of the boat as she realized that at the last instant success had been turned to failure, and that she was indeed again in the power of the malignant Rokoff.
Her figure was racked with choking sobs of horror-stricken grief.
Hegan stared at his chief, then passed his horror-stricken gaze on to Dede, who nodded in sympathy.
Chilled and terrified, she had made her way to her husband's door, only to be driven away brutally as a restless ghost by the horror-stricken inmates.
Absorbed in the one idea of Blanche's future, he had never thought of it, till that horror-stricken face looked at him, and said, Think of
Lilian, clutching the railing so spasmodically that a bruising hurt was left in her finger-ends for days, gazed horror-stricken at a yellow-haired, wild-eyed giant whom she recognized as the man who was to be her husband.
Mrs Kenwigs was horror-stricken to think that she should ever have nourished in her bosom such a snake, adder, viper, serpent, and base crocodile as Henrietta Petowker.
It depends upon you," he said, and was immediately horror-stricken at his own words.
Perhaps my appalling vision of a ship floating with a dead crew would become a reality for the discovery weeks afterward by some horror-stricken mariners.
The perspiration stood in beads upon his face, his knees knocked together, his every limb trembled, the power of articulation was quite gone; and there he stood, panting for breath, gazing on them with such livid ashy looks, that they were infected with his fear, though ignorant of its occasion, and, reflecting his dismayed and horror-stricken visage, stared back again without venturing to question him; until old John Willet, in a fit of temporary insanity, made a dive at his cravat, and, seizing him by that portion of his dress, shook him to and fro until his very teeth appeared to rattle in his head.
The horror-stricken witness of this scene pressed his hands upon his ears, and with his eyes closed got up and paced violently to and fro, like one distracted.
The three men entered the fatal room together, while the horror-stricken butler followed at their heels, closing the door behind him to shut out the terrible scene from the maid servants.
HORROR-STRICKEN revellers told of rollercoaster passengers stranded unconscious, screaming and blood everywhere when their day out at a top Midland theme park took a nightmare twist.
He is horror-stricken, trembling and is on the verge of having a vertigo.
Le Soir Echos" said that ten years ago, Morocco was horror-stricken, adding that along with the Marrakech bombing, the wish of the perpetrators was to destroy the country's capital and drown society in chaos.