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stricken with horror

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Form, Save for My Own," the poem with the horror-stricken babies, starts to funnel all that horror inward: "I revere all variants / of the human / form, save for my own.
He got up not very pleased at being awoken at such an unearthly time of the night but one look at my horror-stricken face and he knew it was serious.
I don't know if I'm just lucky, if I have a guardian angel or it's my mother's prayers [which saved me], but I am completely horror-stricken," she said.
HORROR-STRICKEN revellers told of rollercoaster passengers stranded unconscious, screaming and blood everywhere when their day out at a top Midland theme park took a nightmare twist.
He is horror-stricken, trembling and is on the verge of having a vertigo.
Le Soir Echos" said that ten years ago, Morocco was horror-stricken, adding that along with the Marrakech bombing, the wish of the perpetrators was to destroy the country's capital and drown society in chaos.
My client was horror-stricken by the fact that (a) complete stranger could get in to see him," Murray's attorney, Valerie Wass said.
By chance the girl's uncle arrived at that moment and her horror-stricken mother, who had been watching from a window, ran down to her.
There are several photos for the horror-stricken official at the time of the blast.
Thousands of Palestinians were killed, women raped and slaughtered, men lined up on walls and shot down and babies killed alongside their horror-stricken mothers.
The nation's financial condition is so out of control that you'll either watch the film in horror-stricken fascination or run screaming out of the theater from the hopelessness of it all.
When you're not watching Giles and Sue looking horror-stricken at the thought of fried calf's eyes, this series is wonderfully informative.
She had a sudden glimpse of Bens horror-stricken face, then she fell forward onto her hands and knees on the floor.
Edwards wrote, "The horror-stricken expression on the other ministers' faces shows plainly" and that King "is almost sure to press his prior claim to be hanged.
Suddenly bereft of his reason, a young man named William England (22), employed as a washer-out by the London and North-Western Railway Company, at Rugby, and living in the village of Hingborton, attacked his wife on Tuesday afternoon and, when she had escaped from the house, he smashed up the furniture and cut his throat on his doorstep before a group of horror-stricken villagers.