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Synonyms for horror

Synonyms for horror

Synonyms for horror

intense and profound fear

something that inspires dislike

Related Words

intense aversion

References in classic literature ?
Then know that each of my visits to Erik increased my horror of him; for each of those visits, instead of calming him, as I hoped, made him mad with love
And then, with a renewed horror, I saw a round, black object bobbing up and down on the edge of the pit.
The sound of the drums continued without intermission the whole day, and falling continually upon my ear, caused me a sensation of horror which I am unable to describe.
I am almost ashamed to own - yes, even in this felon's cell, I am almost ashamed to own - that the terror and horror with which the animal inspired me, had been heightened by one of the merest chimaeras it would be possible to conceive.
I saw, to my horror, that the pitcher had been removed.
His voice could yet be heard even in the midst of these horrors.
And the rumour of this new presence having spread itself whisperingly around, there arose at length from the whole company a buzz, or murmur, expressive of disapprobation and surprise--then, finally, of terror, of horror, and of disgust.
When I heard that soul- sickening yell, which marked his disappearance in the chasm, I was more glad than I can say that my eyes were spared the pain and horror which my ears had to endure.
Then he clove the water with a rush, his dead hand waved, the last of him to disappear; and I had a new horror to think over for my sins.
With mournful pleasure she now lingered over these images, repelling with horror only the last one, the picture of his death, which she felt she could not contemplate even in imagination at this still and mystic hour of night.
His face grew very white as his eyes rested upon the bloody thing grinning up at him from the floor, the face set in a death mask of excruciating horror.
She scarce breathed the word, yet it was vibrant with horror.
The existence of the Englishman and his fiancee was one continual nightmare of horror, and yet they lived on in hope of ultimate rescue.
The manager, who appeared upon the scene as though by magic, and upon whose face was an expression of horror that his clients should have been so disturbed, quickly gave his orders.
And Geoffrey has some unreasoning horror of the landlady which makes it very undesirable that he should see her again, in his present state.